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On Tap

For pours to enjoy on premise

Brunch  Logo Brunch 4.5%ABV - Stout 7oz Draft $4.00 16oz Draft $4.00
Welcome to NEBCo Lager Logo Welcome to NEBCo Lager 4.8%ABV - American Lager 7oz Draft $3.00 16oz Draft $6.00
Elm City Pilsner Logo Elm City Pilsner 5%ABV - German Pilsner 7oz Draft $4.00 16oz Draft $7.00
The Counselor Logo The Counselor 5.6%ABV - Brown Ale 7oz Draft $4.00 16oz Draft $7.00
Tickle Party Logo Tickle Party 5.8%ABV - IPA 12oz Can Pour $5.00
Supernaut Logo Supernaut 5.8%ABV - IPA 7oz Draft $4.00 16oz Draft $7.00
Kewl Beans Logo Kewl Beans 6%ABV - Oatmeal Stout 7oz Draft $4.00 16oz Draft $7.00
Where the Mild Things Are Logo Where the Mild Things Are 6%ABV - Double Mild 7oz Draft $3.00 16oz Draft $6.00
Scrumtrulescent Saison Logo Scrumtrulescent Saison 6%ABV - Saison 7oz Draft $4.00 16oz Draft $7.00
Sea Hag Logo Sea Hag 6.2%ABV - IPA 7oz Draft $3.00 16oz Draft $6.00
Fuzzy Baby Ducks Logo Fuzzy Baby Ducks 6.2%ABV - IPA 7oz Draft $4.00 16oz Draft $7.00
Gold Stock Ale Logo Gold Stock Ale 6.5%ABV - Pale Ale 7oz Draft $4.00 16oz Draft $7.00
Face Hugger IPA Logo Face Hugger IPA 6.8%ABV - IPA 7oz Draft $4.00 16oz Draft $7.00
2nd Shift IPA Logo 2nd Shift IPA 7.5%ABV - Hazy IPA 7oz Draft $4.00 16oz Draft $7.00
668 The Neighbor of the Beast Logo 668 The Neighbor of the Beast 7.8%ABV - Belgian Golden Strong 7oz Draft $4.00 12oz Snifter $7.00
Double Fuzzy Logo Double Fuzzy 8.2%ABV - DIPA 7oz Draft $4.00 12oz Snifter $7.00
Coriolis Logo Coriolis 8.2%ABV - Double IPA 7oz Draft $4.00 12oz Snifter $7.00
G-Bot Logo G-Bot 8.5%ABV - DIPA 7oz Draft $4.00 12oz Snifter $7.00
2022 Red Wine Barrel Aged Wududator Logo 2022 Red Wine Barrel Aged Wududator 8.9%ABV - Doppelbock 7oz Draft $5.00 12oz Snifter $9.00
PB Fudge Imperial Stout Trooper Logo PB Fudge Imperial Stout Trooper 9.5%ABV - Imperial Stout 7oz Draft $5.00 12oz Snifter $9.00
Davidly Roth Logo Davidly Roth 10.5%ABV - Imperial Stout 7oz Draft $5.00 12oz Snifter $9.00
Triple Fuzzy Logo Triple Fuzzy 10.5%ABV - TIPA 7oz Draft $5.00 12oz Snifter $8.00

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Open Mic Night
THU, 3/23 6:00 PM-9:00 PM

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2nd Annual Homebrew Competition
SAT, 5/13 11:00 AM-5:00 PM

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Irish Beer Brunch
SUN, 3/26 12:00 PM-2:00 PM

stories from the blog

This is the second of a series of blog posts. The focus of these monthly posts are to show how certain NEBCo beers came to be.

Everyone has a Cancer story. Whether it is a personal battle, or co-worker or a loved one, we ride to get Closer to Free!

"The time is always right to do what is right." ~ Dr. Martin Luther King

Our Story

Brewing Connecticut Beer Since 2001

We here at NEBCo started brewing beer with one guiding force; passion (Okay, two forces. We also wanted to see if we could actually make beer that we wanted to drink). That initial, passionate drive is still deeply rooted in each one of us today.


Because wearing beer isn't as fun

BLack OG Sea Hag Tee
BLack OG Sea Hag Tee
Black Fuzzy Tee Shirt
Black Fuzzy Tee Shirt
Fuzzy Baby Ducks Pint Glass
Fuzzy Baby Ducks Pint Glass
Fuzzy Baby Ducks Rainbow Snow Hat
Fuzzy Baby Ducks Rainbow Snow Hat