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Fat 10er #39

Available in the Taproom!
Available for Growler FillsAvailable on TapAvailable in CansAvailable in Bottles

Available in 32 oz. and 64 oz. growlers. Yes you heard us right. Anyone remember the Fat 10er series? Our old experimentation tank that saw dozens of styles and gave us many of our current beers. Well we had some extra citra hopped wort so we filled up the old 10 bbl fat 10er tank and brought back the old name for some one off fun where we left off back in 2016. It was fermented with a famed Vermont yeast strain and dry hopped fat 10er style with 5#/bbl of mostly citra and a dash of Idaho 7 that screamed ripe pineapple during our hop selection. It is full of tropical citrus, pineapple, mango and peach notes with a balanced resinous bitter mouthfeel. To keep with the fat 10er tradition it is only available for pours and growler fills.

Citra, Cryo Citra, More Citra, Idaho 7
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