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Where the Mild Things Are

Double Mild
This Brew's Availability:
Available for Growler FillsAvailable on TapAvailable in CansAvailable in Bottles
The style is an “English Dark Mild Ale.” But there’s some “huh? wait...” going on with it.
It’s a slightly different take on that traditional style as it clocks in at 6% ABV (many Dark Milds are in the 3%-4.5% ABV). But it’s still got the traditional Mild characteristics; big malty flavor, dark brown color, light notes of caramel and chocolate, and a nice, smooth, medium body. So, a Double Dark Mild? ? Sure! Works for us. Quaffable and thirst quenching!
Where The Mild Things Are will be on tap only.
“Let the wild rumpus start!”
Drink it. It’s good.
Vic Secret, Cascade
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