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Equality IPA: A Call To Action

Hey Fam! We are excited to officially announce the kick-off of our "Equality IPA" series! We are a brewery full of folks that believe in equality for all people and this IPA series represents that call to action.
The logo for this series shows some of our beloved and uniquely different NEBCo characters, stepping out of their usual can art to come together as equals. Stay tuned because as we release more beers in the series, more characters will answer "The Call To Action" and join the logo.
This first beer in the series is a hazy IPA featuring Idaho 7 hops, with a little help from Cryo Citra and a touch of Mosaic. This combination gives pungent hop notes of tangerine, apricot, papaya, and red grapefruit. A simple malt bill of Pilsner malt, 2-row, flaked oats, and a dash of amber malt - allows the hops to be the star of the show while still supporting with a soft, pillowy mouthfeel. This is an approachable IPA with restrained bitterness but packed with hop flavor and aroma.
Available for growler fills and pints in the taproom starting on Friday. 100% of the proceeds from this series will be going to support organizations that fight racial injustice and provide opportunities for local black youth. This release is going towards City Wide Youth Coalition.
We are constantly looking for more organizations that make an impact. If you have ideas for what organizations we should look into, please DM us to send your recommendations!
P.S. We also brewed our version of Black is Beautiful yesterday! This will be a barrel aged imperial stout to be released in late fall.
BIG shoutout to our guy @that_craig_guy_13 for the logo ?
Idaho 7, Cryo Citra, Mosaic
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